Landscaping Services

eden prairie landscapingSchneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape is a maintenance and design company providing quality landscape services to high end residential homes and commercial properties in the west metro area.

Our group of landscape designers, landscape account managers and landscape professionals provide an “Element of Excellence” to every property we touch, interaction we have and landscape project we complete.

Landscaping involves a combination of different elements to come up with a functional and aesthetically pleasing extension of indoor living to the outdoor, where humans can live, work or play. We at Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape put together a plan with you to enhance any outdoor living space.

Landscaping offers privacy, noise protection as well as provision of space for family activities that are very occasional with any family in the world. In other words, residential landscaping should be able to cultivate an environment of a family’s life and livelihood.

A preference on designs which are easy to maintain should be made by the family as maintenance is important in order to maintain the anticipated goals of the design.

Commercial Landscaping

Since landscaping is a field that highly attracts people through its appealing power, taking into consideration landscaping as a commercial activity is important and is a field of wide opportunities. Landscaping commercial areas can be beneficial to a business premise as it would attract attention of people which goes hand in hand with the desire of these people to acquire services that are in these well designed areas. We offer a variety of landscaping options for commercial customers looking to improve their property value or maintain the current look.

Landscaping Design

Landscape design is planning and arranging different landscape with the aim of forming one visual pattern that is highly appealing or a look that has an aesthetical sound that is very functional. The main goal of our landscape design is to bring together elements to make the curb appeal, backyard, front yard and any other landscaping appealing to any. A few of our landscape designs include plantings, landforms, different water features, lighting, site amenities, signs and pavement materials. A combination of all these elements or some of them in a structured manner that is well planned is what is able to bring out a landscape design that is appealing to the eye.

Backyard Design

Backyards are an important part of any home as it is the most likely gathering place for the family. Creation of outdoor dining areas can also be very appealing to a family and should be a great consideration of any backyard design according to landscaping.

Patios, fire pits, paths, playing areas, pools… you name it and Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape can do it! If at all the backyard space is limited. Creation of gardens which are in form of containerized plants can be a really good design.

Landscape Lighting

There are different types of landscape lighting, which include garden, street, architectural, walkaway, pool, hardscapes and accent lighting. We offer many different options to suit your needs.

Lighting enhances any outdoor space, so contact us today so we can show you some lighting options.


Mulching is very important in any landscape project. All these plants benefit from mulching in different ways after their installation. Mulching involves the application of loose aggregate materials to the surface of planting beds of flowers, loans or trees. The material use in mulching can either be organic or inorganic though inorganic mulch can be more beneficial to the plants.

One of the most important factors of mulching is to enhance retention of water or moisture in the soil which is around the root system so as to prevent wilting of the plants. Mulching also helps in weed management through prevention of their growth or controlling large populations of weeds. For the mulch to be effective in weed control and retardation of weed growth, they should be applied in a good depth which is normally 3 to 4 inches deep.

Repeated freezing and thawing of the soil which surrounds plant roots and backs can destroy plants by encouraging entry of pathogens through the back and this is as well controlled by mulching.

Mulching isn’t just for control and preservation; it enhances the aesthetic appearance of the overall landscape design. We know mulching well, so contact us today for more information about mulching.

Sodding Installation

When installing sod in landscaping, one should have all the requirements which include a soil test kit, organic matter, sod and grass fertilizer. One should take a soil test and measure the area that will be sodded. This should be followed by adding organic matter into the soil and then raking the mixture to a level. This is followed by unrolling turf, laying turf in rows and then the creating tight seams.

We can help with any sodding project you have, so contact us today for a free consultation.

Decorative Rock

eden prairie rock projectDecorative rock is available in a wide variety of different colors, sizes and shapes and are important in enhancing the appearance of different elements within a designed landscape which includes gardens, water fountains, walls and pathways. The decorative rock mainly helps in giving the landscape or a building a well-polished and professional look. Some of the decorative rocks for one’s landscape include pebble, gravel, gypsum, alpine and marble. Contact us today for options.

Cost of Landscaping

Though the cost of landscaping can vary depending on what type of landscaping you’re looking for. At Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, we offer affordable pricing and free consultations, so contact us today for a free quote.

Landscaping can be affordable for most as it almost always raises the value in their home. For example, people living in a place far away from different elements of landscaping would have to incur a high cost in the transportation of different materials making their cost of landscaping higher than those near the materials.

The landscaping price can also be affected by the size of area being landscaped, its terrain and also the desire of the material to be used. Landscaping a new place without any form of design is more expensive than a place with some form of design.

When making a decision of landscaping, the main goal is to increase the value of the site. Therefore, a clear analysis of different factors should be made in order to make the cost incurred worthy. Only the materials and vegetation that can thrive well in the region should be installed to avoid unnecessary losses. A well sated budget is also necessary. After installation of the design, clear maintenance of all installations should be made regularly to ensure value created is maintained.

We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation to find out what you are looking to do. We then put a plan and proposal together to best fit your needs.

Whether you need a local landscaper in in Eden Prairie, Edina, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Golden Valley and surrounding cities to design and build a beautiful outdoor patio, living area, outdoor kitchen or you need a local landscaper to manage your property on a weekly basis, Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape is your preferred landscape contractor.