snow and winter services contractorAfter a massive storm, whether living in the suburbs or small towns, it is always advisable to call for snow removal services. Roads filled with snow are difficult to drive through and dangerous for children playing outside. Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape provides you with Snow management services depending on equipment, cost and available technology for very competitive prices. At Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, we offer both residential snow clearing and large-scale snow removal services.

We at Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape are fully equipped to remove the largest mountain of snow you send our way. We offer both seasonal and push on demand snow removal service.

We provide services in:

• Commercial Snow Plowing
• Salting Services
• Liquid Chloride De-Icing
• Snow Removal
• Sidewalk Clearing
• Snow Relocation

Why contact Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape for all your winter services:

Snow & Ice Management

Snow removal can be done either mechanically or by use of chemicals. We use chemicals for the processes of de-icing and anti-icing.

· Salt

de-icingDe-icing is removing snow from surfaces. We use salt solution better known as brine for de-icing. Saturated brine water has a lower freezing point than snow. It, therefore, loosens and melts the snow on the roads. We recommend the use of salt for residential houses since the amount of snow is not as much.

Anti-icing involves lowering the temperature at which ice freezes. We at Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, use anti-icing more as a preventative measure. We apply Chemicals such as sodium chloride on your driveways before snowfall.
Salt only works if the temperatures do not go below the freezing point of brine. We at times discourage the use of salt if there are better options, to avoid rusting on metal surfaces.

· Liquid Chloride

We use Liquid chloride as a de-icing agent. It attracts moisture from ice and releases heat that melts the snow. It works better than salt as it has a lower freezing point. We mostly use liquid chloride in commercial snow removal services due to its expensive nature. When combined with salt the melting point of snow increases significantly. We nevertheless do not discourage residential clients if they opt for it.

Snow plowing equipment

Our company has invested in some of the best equipment to suit particular snow removal needs. We mainly use our trucks with plows for both residential and commercial clients.

Snow Plowing Cost

Our snow plowing costs vary with the type of client requesting for our services. At Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, we understand the demand for our services are created by a storms. Our services are affordable and pricing is very competitive for snow removal.

Residential snow plowing

Residential snow plowing services are mostly for homeowners. After a storm, driveways and yards get filled up by snow. For such clients, we offer affordable pricing to clear snow.

Commercials snow plowing

Commercial snow plowing services are best suited for city councils, companies, and the government. We offer Commercial snow plowing services on contract. For a quote, contact us via email at or call 952-452-4828 and we will provide you with more information on how much we charge for commercial snow plowing services.

Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape ensures we handle your snow plowing needs so that you can relax during winter. Our qualified team promises to treat your yard and driveways without destroying your landscape. Call us at 952-452-4828 and we can offer solutions to your snow removal problems.

Whether you snow removal services or any other winter services, we work in Eden Prairie, Edina, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Golden Valley and surrounding cities.