Lawn Services

eden prairie lawn mowingLawns with high-quality turf grass provide an ideal cover for outdoor spaces such as backyards, playfields, and front yards. Lawns that are properly manicured require regular tender care of the turf grass, which is meant to ensure that the grass grows healthy. At Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, we strive to make your lawn the best in your neighborhood!

Lawn Mowing Services

Mowing is a basic lawn care service that is necessary proper turf grass growth. Mowing makes sure that the height of the grown grass is maintained at a proper height that makes the grass visually appealing. Apart from improving the appearance of the grass, the practice also serves the purpose of controlling noxious weeds. The practice also helps in enhancing the density and uniformity of the turf, which facilitates better and healthy growth. As a rule, the grass should be cut to a height of 31/2 or 2 inches.

This practice should be carried out regularly to avoid cases where overgrown grass prompts the removal of leaves that exceed a third of the length of the turf grass leaves. Removal of more than a third of the grass’ leaf length can adversely impact the growth of the turf. After mowing, it is recommendable to recycle grass clippings by putting them back into the lawn so as to serve as a source of nutrients and organic matter. However, not all clippings should be recycled because excessive clipping within the grass may cause thatching, which will hinder proper grass growth. As such, raking should be done to eliminate excessive clippings from the grass so as to encourage upright growth that is not hampered by thatch.

Aeration Services

Lawns in areas with high human traffic often undergo significant compaction because of the weight exerted by the soil when people or machinery is moved along the lawn surfaces. The compaction of soil that occurs reduces water percolation and aeration, which negatively affect the growth of the grass. Compaction also affects proper root growth and the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, to facilitate proper growth that is free from compaction, there is a need to ease the compaction in the soil through aeration.

Aeration lawn services entail the extraction of tiny cores of soil and turf, which leave tiny holes in the ground so as to ease the compaction in the soil. The tiny holes that are made facilitate easy flow of water and air through the soil. Aeration services employ the use of solid or hollow tines to make the holes on the ground. Solid tines simply make holes in the ground, which facilitate aeration whereas hollow tines pull out cores of soil and turf to leave behind holes that improve aeration in the lawn. The use of hollow tines is necessary in cases where there is significant thatch because when the hollow tines gouge out soil, they also remove thatch. The use of hollow tines is recommendable when there is significant compaction on lawns or when the thatch layer exceeds half an inch (>1/2 inch).

However, it is prudent to note that core aeration or the use of hollow tines may not be effective in controlling serious thatch problems. In cases where there is severe thatching in the lawn, there is a need to conduct dethatching in addition to the normal aerating process. Aeration on lawns can also be improved by incorporating some sand into the media when preparing the ground for seeding.

Weed Control and Fertilization Services

eden prairie lawn companyLike any other plants, grass requires nutrients for proper growth. All nutrients are required in the right proportions, but Nitrogen is the primary nutrient of significance in the growth of turf grass. Leaching is often a problem when it comes to fertilization because runoff water from storms often washes away the soluble fertilizer. As such, it is recommendable to apply slow release nitrogen fertilizer. The rate of application should be pegged at a high of 1 pound per 1000 square feet. Fertilizer application services are best accomplished through the use of blowing machines that evenly apply the fertilizer on the lawn surface.

It is prudent to apply fertilizer after winter in places where the season is experienced because the practice helps the grass to recover from the stress and damage that it experiences during the winter period. Fertilizer application is highly recommendable for lawn areas that have been affected by pests or diseases such as the pink snow mould, which negatively affects the proper growth of turf grass.

Slow release varieties of fertilizers are appropriate for turf because they facilitate regular nutrients supply and prevent leaching. Fertilizer should be applied after the last mowing of the season. The control of weeds can be carried out in various ways, which may include direct hand-aided uprooting or the application of herbicides that kill weeds without affecting the grass.

At Schneider’s Lawn N’ Landscape, we can help with all of your weed control and fertilization needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Irrigation Services

High-quality water is essential for proper grass growth. In dry seasons grass often lacks sufficient water to grow properly, and in such cases irrigation becomes necessary. The irrigation of turf grass should be carried out on a regular basis during the dry season in areas where there is little rainfall. Irrigation helps in reducing the susceptibility of the grass to disease and insect pressure. Water stressed grass is often susceptible to pests and diseases, which can easily destroy the grass if it is not well-watered. Irrigation should be delayed in spring to encourage the grass to develop deep rooting before the start of the irrigation season. Irrigation in the growing season is recommended so as to replace the moisture that is lost through the process of evaporation and plant uptake. However, the watering should not go beyond the level of water that is absorbed by the plant and lost through evaporation.

Excessive watering increases susceptibility to disease and increases lawn care cost. As such, there is a need to exercise moderation when conducting irrigation to avoid increasing susceptibility to disease. Less irrigation should be done in spring and fall while more irrigation is required for summer because more water is lost through evaporation due to the summer heat.

Over-seeding and Seed Services

Turf grass often gets damaged by pests, diseases, and human or machinery traffic. Seeding is necessary to replace the damaged grass, and it also helps in evening out the lawn’s appearance. Fall is the most appropriate season to over-seed parts of the lawn, which have been damaged during the growing season by diseases, pests, or traffic. Fall is also the most appropriate season to seed new lawn areas. The season’s cool temperatures help improve the process of germination, and they also promote the growth of the new turf grass. The cool season favors the growth of virtually all cool season turf species that include Kentucky bluegrass, fescues, and ryegrass. During seeding, it is important to select the best-suited cultivars that are recommendable for the locality within which you live.

Dethatching Services

The practice of dethatching entails the removal of dead grass leaves as well as excess grass clippings that get stuck within the grass forming mat-like layers that hamper aeration, water movement, and even proper growth. Dethatching can be carried out easily through the normal raking process where the tines of the rake are used to rake out the thatch.

These services should be conducted on a regular basis as required based on the season and condition of the turf grass so as to facilitate proper and healthy growth.

Cost of Our Lawn Services

The price and cost of our lawn services depends on the job specifics, including how large the area is. We offer affordable lawn services and competitive prices, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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